Document Libraries

An organisation's success relies on effective distribution of information. When this information is contained in Documents (PDFs, PowerPoint presentation and e-books) it is vital for it to be both easy to publish and easy find. Our Document Libraries are specifically designed to make 1000s of documents easily available to whoever needs them.

Computer screen

Quick to upload

We use cutting edge software to ensure that 1000s of documents can be conveniently stored and accessed online. Documents can be uploaded and tagged in batches saving precious time and energy.

Well organised

Our system makes it easy to display documents on your website. Pages can be kept up to date by automatically placing the most recent document on relevant pages and sections. If a new version is uploaded it replaces the previous one in real time and without requiring time intensive link updates.

Easy to find

Entire libraries of 1000s of documents can be searched in seconds. Faceted search allows users to hone in to what they are looking for. Selecting categories reduces the search returns to a manageable selection of relevant documents.