Water Law and Governance

The Environment Law Centre set up the Water Law and Governance Support Platform: to offer legal advice and ad hoc technical support around water governance issues in transboundary basins. 

Water Law & Governance homepage

The complexity of transboundary governance needed to be addressed by sharing information and expertise. The ELC wanted to make this easily accessible while also monitoring its overall quality. We created an easy to use online form to encourage users to submit their questions.


The simple Events section displays them in chronological order. Practical information and follow-up content can be posted on sub-pages and templates are in place should additional functionality be required in the future.

Easy registration

By creating an intuitive registration process, we helped the ELC gather information about their users and also vet unwanted queries. Given the high number of first-time users, we focused on making this step hassle-free while still making it easy for users to return and ask follow-up questions. Both the ELC and users receive automated emails informing them of new registrants, questions and responses.

Documents and resources

The flexible Resources section uses simple copy templates and image galleries to display a document library, glossaries, useful links and maps.

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