Global Subsidies Initiative

The GSI highlights the corrosive effect subsidies can have on the environment, economic development and governance. The International Institute for Sustainable Development asked for our help to design a new website once it became clear their current site no longer answered user needs. Careful consideration was needed to come up with a solution that would work for years to come.

Global Subsidies Initiative homepage

Information architecture in practice

Information architecture (IA) is the study of how to organise and present information online so that visitors will find it where they expect to. After analysing their website, we mapped out how GSI content would fit into a flexible management system: GSI immediately asked us to build it.

Online documents

We placed entire documents online, complete with menus and navigation, rather than as PDFs. This makes them much easier for visitors to read, as well as enabling search engines to index content and thus increase exposure.

A homepage with a bird's-eye view

A year after launch, GSI asked us to find a way to give visitors a snapshot of the areas they work in (e.g. fossil fuels or biofuels) so that they could be directed immediately to what interested them. We devised a system of tabs that does exactly that.

Up and running smoothly

www.globalsubsidies.org has grown considerably during the three years since its launch. Recent work has fitted seamlessly into the existing structure, and the GSI team have maintained the website without our help for the entire time.

Launch website