Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN)

We were thrilled when Skylark Technology called to ask if we would design the refresh for EHRN.

EHRN screen shot

Clean and flexible design

Our first collaborative effort was a great success. We provided all of the design bricks Skylark needed to build the website, which meant collaborating between teams across nine time zones. This turned out to be not only possible but enjoyable - thanks to our partners’ professionalism and enthusiasm.

Another example of why we love what we do

The people at EHRN are pioneers in a difficult field. Their willingness to evolve in their online outreach has allowed them to jump to another level of engagement. 

First forays into print

EHRN loved our work and asked us to produce their print material, based on the same design. We prepared their annual report and are now working on the Russian version.

Launch website