CADRI is the central resource for the latest knowledge and best practice in capacity development (CD) for disaster risk reduction (DRR): the place to come for expert advice and resources. We were excited by the challenge of such complex subject matter. Through close collaboration with the core team, we delivered a remarkably compact website that in no way diminishes the work of CADRI.

CADRI website

A user-centric approach

CADRI responds to the needs of many and diverse audiences. We used a top-down approach – creating user journeys that start with general information and lead to group-specific tabs. DRR and capacity development are complex subjects, employing a host of acronyms and other technical jargon. We created an interactive glossary (dynamically generated on each page) that provides ‘tool tip’ explanations whenever the user hovers over featured words.

Crystal-clear copy

Written in an authoritative but engaging voice, the website copy strikes a balance between technical accuracy and readability.

Robust and ready for the future 

Fully accessible and future-proof, the CADRI website is ready to accommodate additional content and functionality.

CADRI on the map

CADRI is benefiting enormously from the new website as it establishes itself as the focal point for the work of global DRR and CD communities. After learning how CADRI can help them, users are encouraged to get in touch – and are doing so in ever-increasing numbers.

Launch website