CADRI Community intranet

CADRI liked how www.cadri.net made their content easy to find. So when they needed a way to help country teams communicate and collaborate online, they came back to us. 

CADRI community website

More than 60 country groups managed by a core team

CADRI asked us to develop an intranet to help 60+ country teams share documents, generate discussions and plan meetings quickly and efficiently. They also wanted to engage with and monitor the activities of individual country teams. Our solution to these diverse requirements was a group-based, open source intranet based on Open Atrium.

Organised documents in one place

Each country group has its own ‘notebook’ an online repository in which documents can be organised hierarchically.

An archive of discussions

The group blog allows team members to post and discuss ideas using nested comments. Those who were not involved in the original discussions can then read and review decisions that have been made.

A team calendar

Any member of a group can create an event or meeting and then let other members know about it – changes can be made up to the last minute, so that no one is left out of the loop.

Up and running

Training took less time than CADRI had anticipated. Because the intranet is accessible and intuitive, country teams have readily embraced it and are already experiencing the benefits.