Bonn Challenge

On 2 September 2011, world leaders assembled in Bonn to launch the largest restoration initiative the world has ever seen. This site follow the progress as commitments are made.

Bonn Challenge screen shot

Maps, icons & charts working for the message

We used Open Ethical to construct the core of the website, but also designed extra map functionality and templates to meet its unique purpose. Next we created dynamic content to deliver core information fast. Maps display the global ambition of the Challenge via interactive pins that reveal to visitors the progress of each commitment on the ground.

Mobile visitors guided through the content

With core content in place, we exploited the flexibility of Open Ethical to guide visitors towards action. We located relevant blog posts and videos within boxes in the side column and the next step where users will look for it: at the bottom of the page. Whatever their device, users are guided towards positive action – whether sharing a map or making a commitment.

Launch website