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Our work speaks for itself. Ranging from disaster relief and economic subsidies to sustainable trade and water management, our projects show how complex information can be presented clearly and elegantly.

Members of our team have delivered projects for the BBC, Big Lottery Fund, British Telecom, Comic Relief, Department of Trade and Industry, Ferrari, Nokia and Sainsbury’s.

  • Bonn Challenge

    The Bonn Challenge is a global aspiration to restore 150 million hectares of the world’s degraded and deforested lands by 2020 – by securing government and private ‘commitments’ of between 1 and 20 million hectares each.

    Bonn Challenge

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  • Allanblackia Partnership

    A refresh of a previous website that features stories and and an interactive infographic.

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  • Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN)

    This project was great fun from start to finish and was the first time we have worked on design only.

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  • Mesolex

    The IUCN Environmental Law Centre needed a way to help their users search thousands of documents quickly and easily.

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  • OCHA Financial Tracking Service (FTS)

    OCHA was looking for a roadmap and series of prototypes to show that it's possible to create an entirely new FTS system based in Drupal.

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  • Roving Ambassador for the Three Basins Initiative

    The Three Basins Initiative website is available in four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. 

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    roving ambassador
  • Viva Consult

    Viva Consult features a custom design we have seamlessly incorporated into our base template.

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  • Myanmar Mosaic Travel

    An effective travel website that helps visitors get the most out of their trip to Myanmar. 

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  • WANI Dynamic Project Map

    WANI's dynamic map tells users at once where their various projects are based and links through to more detailed information.

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  • Water Law and Governance

    The IUCN Environment Law Centre wanted to respond to user questions and display answers online, thus creating a valuable resource for the water law community.

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  • CADRI Community intranet

    CADRI liked how www.cadri.net made their content easy to find. So when they needed a way to help country teams communicate and collaborate online they came back to us.

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    CADRI community website
  • Water and Nature Initiative

    WANI needed a website built with future growth in mind and that could house podcasts, stories from the field, and content from 12 river basins and 30 countries around the world.

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  • CADRI (UN)

    The CADRI website involved close collaboration with a core team to develop and deliver a remarkably compact structure without over-simplifying the disaster risk reduction and capacity development material.

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  • Istanbul Trade and Development Symposium

    The ITDS website was the fourth in a series for ICTSD that has now been archived.

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  • Global Platform

    We created this website for a series of events at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009.


    Copenhagen Climate Summit
  • Geneva Trade and Development Symposium

    This Symposium brings together governments, NGOs and academics to debate issues surrounding the World Trade Organization talks in Geneva.


  • Bridges China Dialogue

    The Bridges China Dialogue is a series of events that brings together distinguished leaders, policy-makers, experts and activists to help Chinese business go global and foster a sustainable global recovery.

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  • Global Subsidies Initiative

    The Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) project began with a review of their existing site: to find a solution to known issues and to identify further potential improvements.

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  • Investment Treaty News

    Investment Treaty News offers news and analysis of international investment law and its implications for sustainable development.

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    Investment treaty news
  • Subsidy Watch

    Subsidy Watch is the newsletter of the Global Subsidies Initiative. Our design closely follows their website and reinforces the status of GSI as a reliable news source.

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    Subsidy Watch newsletter