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If your organisation has a dedicated budget and needs something a little out of the ordinary then consider commissioning a custom website. Large corporations spend millions on the latest online functionality – but a cutting-edge custom website can cost much less than you imagine.

By Patrick, 23 April 2012

This post is from a series of articles that outline how to obtain the best website for your organisation. Other articles in this series: get the best website for your budget, choose the best website builder and find the ideal ready-to-go website.

What’s out there?

There are thousands of web companies – so take your time and be choosy. If you like a company’s website, call and find out what they can do for you. Do they have experience of your sector? Do they have relevant work to show you? Are they helpful and do you feel positive about their designs?


Perfect fit

Does your organisation do something that no one else does? Do you have unique requirements? A custom solution can present your content in the most appealing way, ensuring that users are satisfied with their experience. Usability

By studying user journeys the structure of the website can be created to ensure that visitors have an optimum experience using your site and are far more likely to come back.

Choice and cutting edge functionality

You will be able to ask for exactly what you need. If your needs change in the future you can rest assured that your functionality can be further adapted.

High performance

Making your website fit perfectly for your needs means there is nothing extra to slow your site down. In addition, custom websites can be crafted to cater for high numbers of visitors within a short space of time.

Custom Design

Make your website stand out with a unique design created by a designer who is on top of their game. A great design with do more than anything to enhance your image and get people speaking about you.

What to watch out for

Do not feel that a custom solution is the only way to acquire a top quality website. Make sure your chosen company is not “reinventing a wheel” that you might find for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. You might be better off with a ready-to-go website. Some other pitfalls to watch out for:


A high price does not necessarily guarantee a good website. Larger companies sometimes focus on their corporate clients at the expense of smaller organisations. Also, the technical nature of website development makes it easy for companies to overcharge. Understand what is promised in the contract and invest time in deciding and planning exactly what you require.


It can be difficult for non-technical users to judge quality. Make sure you examine a company’s previous work. Phone up their clients and ask them if they are happy with their website. Indeed, most problems manifest themselves in the backend and cannot always be noted by external users.


If your organisation needs very specific functionality – and you have the resources to build one – you should certainly consider a custom website. The benefits to the overall image and success of your organisation will be well worth the extra cost.

Other articles in this series: get the best website for your budget, choose the best website builder and find the ideal ready-to-go website.